The more Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Rollouts we deploy, the less projects in Spanish we manage.

Axazure continues growing with the same philosophy, to count on the best Dynamics 365 professionals available in the job market. On this occasion, our new rebel was found in São Paulo (Brazil) and he has started this month to strengthen our SCM team with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (MsDyn365FO).

Fred Rozato started to work with Dynamics AX in 2012 as a Junior Trade and Logistics Consultant. He started his career in a small town in São Paulo, at that time he was very impressed with Microsoft’s ERP and all the technology that Microsoft provided.

As time went on, he directed all his efforts into studying to become a specialist in what he does.

With this initiative, hard work and dedication it wasn’t long before Fred achieved his goal and was offered a job with a Microsoft partner in São Paulo.

Our first non-Spanish speaking employee is a Dynamics 365 expert. Axazure

“ Whilst I was living in São Paulo I discovered the Axazure website and I was impressed by the social media profiles which were both professional and energetic. From the first conversation with Antonio and Hugo, I decided that it would be an exciting challenge for me; I began to imagine myself working in this company and thinking that the business world is becoming more international than ever and employers are turning increasingly to candidates who have experience abroad.

I started to learn about the company and I found many positive points in relation to it, such as experienced and ambitious professionals, a good structure (methodology), great location, challenging projects with opportunities to acquire more knowledge.

With more and more information about this new challenge, I realized that Axazure has a reputation for having a relaxed yet professional culture with good hospitality, so I made the decision to accept this challenge, and I moved directly to Spain.

When I arrived at the company, I soon realized that the energy of the people I saw in the profiles at the beginning was much more in person. Today I work with cheerful, intelligent people, with a lot of willpower and determination to improve the company and help our greatest treasure: customers.

Today I am very happy and I am sure that I have made the right decision for my career– said Fred.

Antonio Gilabert, CEO at Axazure says:

Our first non-Spanish speaking employee is a Dynamics 365 expert. Axazure

We are always looking for the right national or international people to complement our team of professionals here at Axazure. Contact us if you have a C.V featuring Dynamics 365 experience; again it means a lot to us. We hope that Fred can develop his professional career faster and better with our young company.

May the force be with you, Fred!

About the Author: Equipo Axazure

Our first non-Spanish speaking employee is a Dynamics 365 expert. Axazure

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