Mercedes Benz España Axazure


Implementation Dynamics 365 Sales MERCEDES BENZ ESPAÑA

Mercedes Benz España Axazure

The Challenge

Mercedes Benz España through its business line Mercedes Benz Empresas offers comprehensive solutions for company mobility. In this way, it suggests sustainable solutions through innovative services with great products. As part of its internal processes with the fleet management team for the digitalisation and evolution of its commercial processes, Mercedes Benz has chosen Axazure for the implementation of Dynamics 365 for Sales. So the “challenge” was to integrate the information from different companies with the CRM as fast, agile and easy as possible. Additionally Mercedes Benz was looking for the unification only in one place of all commercial opportunities and client information.

The Journey

We focus the project mainly on a simple commercial solution, which allows rapid reporting of commercial management and real-time monitoring.
Additionally, we introduced data normalisation tools and integrations with the Informa platform- This integration allows salespeople to fill in standardised information validated by a third party in a single click.

Mercedes Benz España Axazure

The Arrival

The ease of use of Dynamics 365 Sales, together with the simplification of data loading with Informa integration has allowed sales representatives to have a simple and unified tool to manage commercial monitoring and reporting. It facilitates salespeople to have all 360º vision of their clients on a single screen. On the other side both management and monitoring of leads and opportunities are carried out in real time without the need to require additional reports that must be prepared periodically. This means that the time spent on “reporting” has been significantly reduced.

El seguimiento de las oportunidades por parte de la dirección se realiza en tiempo real, sin necesidad de requerir informes adicionales que deban ser preparados periódicamente, con lo que el tiempo dedicado a “reporting” se ha disminuido de forma importante.


Dynamics 365 for Sales and its integration with Informa have made it possible to optimise commercial work while having unified, standardised and reliable information from all customers.

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Mercedes Benz España Axazure

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