EN - Aenor Axazure


Dynamics 365 Finance implementation at AENOR

EN - Aenor Axazure

The Challenge

The challenge was very important since we had to redesign the previous approach to the implementation of the ERP project, which from the point of view of our architects was correct, but not optimal.

AENOR is a company whose main business model is based on the provision of services in the fields of conformity assessment, such as those related to certification, training or the sale of standards… always based on a main entity containing both costs and revenues.

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance in these cases without proposing the project module could have meant the loss of a lot of very useful standard functionality and was a key element throughout the implementation.

The Journey

In Axazure we work close with Microsoft Corp. in different early adoption programs, and one of them gives the possibility of deploying Dynamics 365 Finance environments self-managed under the Service Fabric technology. As soon as Axazure commented to AENOR the option of being able to deploy the latest cloud implementation technology through this service, the benefits of this type of environment were evaluated and it was decided to put it into practice in a pioneering way.

EN - Aenor Axazure

After AENOR’s ambitious systems plan, the role of both the ERP and the CRM was fundamental and the fact of being able to find a platform like Dynamics 365 in which both products coexisted in a native way was the trigger for their choice.

The integration with external applications, included of an ecommerce portal integrated with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Dynamics 365 Finance, or the integration of third parties from different origins have been critical points in which the Axazure team had to work with other Microsoft partners where each one contributed its best expertise.

EN - Aenor Axazure

The Arrival

EN - Aenor Axazure

Sergio García
Aenor CIO

“The goal of AENOR’s systems plan is to cover the company’s strategic plan. The systems plan has a duration of 3 years and this first phase had the objective of implementing an ERP, a CRM, an expense App, a reporting system and an “ASSIGNER” sw so that the operations team can optimize the operation. All of them, integrated with our different platforms and legacy systems.

All these systems, except for the ” ASSIGNER”, are based on Microsoft products, which provides us with a tool base with more native integrations and with a front end much more similar to what our users already knew with Office 365 and Sharepoint, which has also facilitated the adoption by the business

Having Axazure has been crucial for the success of the project and the GO LIVE date of this BIG BANG has been achieved in record time. Their team has been critical both in the implementation of the ERP itself, as well as in the data migrations or in the different integrations with our legacy systems.

Adding to this the fact that they had already started the project, which gave it an extra complexity, makes them the best travel partner for this adventure that has only just begun.

Now that we have a stable systems core, with the latest technology, with partners and prestigious manufacturers we can continue to advance, improving processes and better serving the needs of our customers.”


This project is still alive, there is a long way to go, many new features to develop and many scenarios that will happen over time, but today we can say that there is already another important reference working with the Dynamics 365 platform.

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