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D365FO implementation at ZELLCHEMIE.

EN - Zellchemie Axazure

The Challenge

Since Microsoft announced at the beginning of 2017 the launch of Dynamics 365, and the integration of the new version of AX in this solution, at Axazure we are preparing, with a mixture of impatience and enthusiasm, for the arrival of this moment: Start the first Dynamics 365 for Operations project (name identified at the time).

The company that shared both the vision of Microsoft and Axazure, and opted for what we are convinced will be, if not already, the most important and innovative management system in the market, was Liebenzell AG.

A company located in Switzerland and focused in the areas of Plant Health, Animal Health, Public Health and Fine Chemicals, with more than 30 years in the market and whose main activity in Spain is carried out by its subsidiaries ZELL Chemie and Labiozell, both based in Valencia.

The Trip

Liebenzell AG is a company very committed to the implementation of new technologies that support its growth and the use of the cloud to allow access to them.

EN - Zellchemie Axazure

The ZELL Group operates internationally, for years, in the European, American and Asian markets, and therefore needed to find an ERP that would guarantee optimal management in two main areas: Group finances, covering both financial operations global group as the fiscal and tax needs of countries located in geographic settings as diverse as Asia, North Africa or America. And the international supply chain, where the entire logistics and quality management process is optimized and automated, from the manufacturer at one point in the world to end customers at any other point on the planet.

In the words of ZELL Chemie’s CFO:

“ZELL has been in strong expansion for several years now and it is becoming increasingly complex to manage and coordinate all the group’s operations, as well as to have a consolidated financial vision in real time. A few years ago we decided to go for an ERP from another manufacturer; SAP by Design, but this did not meet our expectations, so, after a process of several months where we checked several solutions, we opted for Dynamics 365. We trust that this ERP will allow us to manage the entire group centrally at a cost very reasonable as it is a cloud solution, a solution that will also allow us to continue growing without worrying about technology. The work carried out by AXAZURE during these months has convinced us of the capacity of the product, and we are convinced that it is the ideal partner to carry out this project. “

EN - Zellchemie Axazure

The Arrival

The challenge was to replace its previous platform (SAP Business by design) completely customized for years, with a standard solution without penalizing the business, lowering both implementation and maintenance costs. Thanks to the conviction of both the management of Zell and the implementation team, the movement to production was achieved with little development, simplifying and flattening the learning curve of a product that was just released to the market and with which there was no previous experience.

Understanding and assuming the prerogatives of the implementation of an ERP in the cloud compared to its previous On premise version, and doing it without damaging the project, was one of the project team’s greatest achievements.

Today, Zell continues to grow its business with the implementation of new functionalities, with the aim of managing its entire business with Dynamics 365.


The launch of this project in September 2017 constituted the first GoLive carried out in Spain of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations ERP.

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