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Salesforce and SAP integration with Microsoft Power Apps at Ayesa

Ayesa Axazure

The Challenge

Building a more efficient and just world, applying engineering and technology in an integrated way, is the goal Ayesa works towards. The unified vision of these two worlds allows them to create solutions for a future society.

As part of the management of business opportunities at Ayesa, the Salesforce platform was initially used. From here, part of the internal monitoring of these opportunities was carried out, whose information could eventually end up being registered in SAP, which is the corporation’s ERP.

The client required the evolution and streamlining of these processes and evaluated the possibility of carrying out this new step of evolution, automation and integration with the Microsoft Power Platform, as a proof of concept of this use case.

The Journey

For the evolution of commercial processes, it was necessary to automate certain steps and validations in order to guide users and guarantee the quality of the information.

Ayesa Axazure

We proposed the synchronisation of data from the Salesforce platform through Power Automate, and a solution based on Power Apps, to monitor the different commercial phases from the app itself, adapted to each type of user. Additionally, Salesforce is informed in real time so that any change in status is also displayed on this platform.

Finally, the Power Platform connector with SAP was implemented, connecting the information collected from Power Apps directly to the corporate ERP.

Ayesa Axazure

The Arrival

The implementation of this solution has been carried out in a few weeks and standard Power Platform components have been used, allowing its simple evolution in the future and facilitating the evolution of business processes from the present while automating integrations.

In this way, the use of Power Apps for different types of solutions, which traditionally could be approached with more complex and costly to implement custom developments, has been confirmed and certified in a corporate way.


Axazure has implemented the solution, allowing quick and visible results to be obtained with real solutions used by the end users themselves. The integrations with SAP and Salesforce, open a new paradigm of building solutions in Ayesa, without the need to modify anything in these platforms, or require experts in them for implementation. This new approach will allow the construction of low code solutions, in a much simpler and more robust way.

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