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Implementation Microsoft D365 Sales & Marketing en Health In Code

EN Health in Code Axazure

The Challenge

The Health in Code group was born from the strategic union of Health in Code, Imegen and Genycell, three leading companies with proven experience and strength in the field of clinical and healthcare genetics. Health in Code is one of the leaders in genomics offering not only technology and services but also providing clinical value in non-reproductive genetic and genomic testing, creating and defining the market.

The main requirement of the project was the integration of all data from the various companies, unifying business and marketing processes on a single platform. In addition, the objectives were to digitise and automate the processes of registering new clients, commercial validations, approvals of economic proposals and other internal processes of the organisation.

The Journey

The Axazure team worked during the last months of 2021 and during 2022 with the Health in Code teams, with the aim of defining the commercial and marketing management process. Using agile and iterative methodologies, the project has progressed, being able to adapt to the timescales required by the client.
The native integration with the ERP Dynamics 365 Business Central, has also allowed us to define a single process with fully integrated information and without additional development for this native CRM integration.

EN Health in Code Axazure
EN Health in Code Axazure

In terms of commercial management, sales representatives have full access to the product catalogue, updated price information in multi-currency and the history of commercial agreements that each customer has.
The generation of economic proposals has been streamlined, making it possible to prepare multi-language and multi-company offers, and discount schemes with personalised approval levels have been defined

The Arrival

The implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales, has allowed Health In Code to have a complete view of all customer data, register for each contact the various roles they have and easily record the commercial activity for each of them.

All commercial information on customers and economic proposals has been integrated with the operational processes of the ERP (Dynamics 365 Business Central) while unifying the different commercial areas of the group, which operates with different commercial processes depending on the line of business.


Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing have facilitated the unification of the commercial processes of the different lines of business, facilitating their monitoring and allowing full integration with back office processes and ERP. This unification will ensure that the growth of the organisation is much simpler, controlled and cost-saving.

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