Automatic risk limits

In this article, I would like to talk about the automatic credit limits, for this the first thing to think about is how to rate the risk, this is [...]

EN - Blog AxazureBy Eduardo San SegundoMay 2022

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Checklists in Dynamics 365 Human Resources

EN - Blog AxazureBy Ana Inés UrrutiaApril 2022

One of the out-of-the-box features of Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides checklists creation, facilitating task management when a new person joins or leaves the organization, as well as position changes through what is commonly known in HR as internal [...]

Advance payments and multiple advances on invoice to suppliers

EN - Blog AxazureBy Nohemi Airós RuizApril 2022

In all businesses, it's common to manage advance payments, both from customers and to suppliers. Dynamics 365 have the possibility to manage customers and vendors prepayments, but only in the vendor side module we have the possibility to [...]

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