Creation of customer in POS with default values

In order to create a customer in the POS with some default values, the default customer associated to the shop must have the values we want in those fields. [...]

EN - Blog AxazureBy Equipo AxazureSeptember 2022

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POS customer balance management

EN - Blog AxazureBy Jon CrespoAugust 2022

Working with the customer's balance in the POS (Point of Sale) can sometimes be a bit cumbersome, which is why I wanted to show you how you can manage it. I have divided this post into three parts: + Parametrización: [...]

Checklists in Dynamics 365 Human Resources

EN - Blog AxazureBy Ana Inés UrrutiaApril 2022

One of the out-of-the-box features of Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides checklists creation, facilitating task management when a new person joins or leaves the organization, as well as position changes through what is commonly known in HR as internal [...]

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