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Sense of community

The human being is social, we like to be part of a group, of a tribe, of a community. We all like to interact with other professionals who share the same interests, who “understand” us.

Collaborating with the professional community is in Axazure’s DNA and that’s why we are, as a company, 100% committed to make a change in the business culture of our sector, so related to innovation and evolution that competition and rivalry will be replaced by collaboration and synergy between professionals and companies.

Here we tell you how Axazure in particular contributes to this community idea…

EN - Nosotros - Comunidad Axazure

El Rincón Dynamics

Social Network created in 2010 dedicated to the help and collaboration among Spanish-speaking professionals related to Microsoft Dynamics (365, AX, CRM, NAV) and Power Platform ecosystem.

Axazure supports and develops this platform to be in direct contact with its 6,000 members and to know first-hand the use, incidents and day-to-day needs of consultants and customers , taking a real vision of the evolution of the Microsoft application suite.

In the ERD Training section you’ll find more than 30 courses available with hundreds of hours of training videos made by collaborating instructors from the community. Furthermore, this content can be consumed free of charge for those members who actively participate by wining Rincoins.

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EN - Nosotros - Comunidad Axazure

Dynamics 365 Saturday

Non-profit event organised by the community for the community, held in many cities around the world.

It’s purpose is to help organizations and consultants stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, Power Platform, open source solutions and the definition of best practices for CRM, ERP and digital transformation.

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We admit it, we are techies, we love to learn new things and share them with technology lovers, that’s why we organise, sponsor and support events both in our country and also all around the globe, together with fellowship professional communities, collaborating partners or Microsoft itself.

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