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The importance of having a CSR plan

In a context in which attracting and retaining talent in the technology sector is becoming increasingly complex, HR departments spend a lot of time thinking, creating, implementing and developing policies [...]

EN - News AxazureBy Natalia CastellóFebruary 2022

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Reimagining the Microsoft VIVA digital experience

EN - News AxazureBy Ana Inés UrrutiaOctober 2021

One of the trends that has become more prominent in recent times is the digital experience of the employee, and with it the technological platforms to support it. We have the opportunity to go through times of digital acceleration that [...]

Dynamics 365 HR, our new corporate bet for 2021 – 2022

EN - News AxazureBy Equipo AxazureAugust 2021

Microsoft recently announced that the product Dynamics 365 Human Resources (hereinafter Dyn365HR), was again part (as it was in its origin) of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM (hereinafter Dyn365FnO), news that has been received with very good acceptance [...]

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