EN - HEXCEL Axazure


RollOut Dynamics AX 2012 at HEXCEL Spain

EN - HEXCEL Axazure

The Challenge

The project with which Axazure’s adventure started for part of his team members was also one of the most demanding Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 implementations throughout his career due to the high number of users.

The company in question is dedicated to the whole range of advanced material solutions manufacturing (from carbon fiber reinforced fabrics to pre-impregnated materials or “prepregs” and cores for panels, materials for tools and finished structures for aircraft).

The Journey

This company consumes a part of its own fiber, fabrics and composites for its internal production, and the rest is sold to the different markets in which they compete.

In this way they ensure that their entire product line is exposed to the market to stimulate innovation and competitive production.

EN - HEXCEL Axazure

As the supplier with the highest vertical integration in the industry, the multinational has a greater capacity to control costs, quality and delivery of its products, deciding at a global level for some time now, to start the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform 2012 R2 in all its countries through the core team (matrix team).

EN - HEXCEL Axazure

The Arrival

The heavy load on the manufacturing and master planning module have perhaps been the key points of this start that continue to this day stabilizing with subsystems including different devices that use RFSmart technology.


The internationalization of this project, with teams made up of different nationalities, allowed Axazure in the first instance to understand the global nature of Dynamics and in the second the correct way to implement RollOuts based on a well-defined Core.

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