EN - El Parking Axazure


Implementation of Dynamics AX 2012 in ElParking


The Challenge

ElParking is an app that offers all the options to park with your mobile from the same application, without needing any added complement to park your car in more than 150 cities throughout Spain.

From Axazure, the complexity of this project lay in the strong integration load in which the different scenarios of recharges, consumption, billing and bank remittances would be involved.

Being a business model based on micro-payments in its To a greater extent, the transactional volume was estimated to support scenarios of more than 500,000 daily transactions.

The Journey

By offering different cloud options, including Azure, the client finally opted to host their ERP solution in the AXAZURE data center, all of this after conducting an analysis of advantages and disadvantages with the different cloud providers.

EN - El Parking Axazure
EN - El Parking Axazure

The Arrival

To date, the app is growing rapidly in volume of users, seeing how day by day the AX database is growing in the same way both in volume of clients and accounting transactions, maintaining the desired performance. The impact that the app has had in terms of download volume in Stores has been a pleasant surprise, appearing even above universal applications such as WhatsApp.


It has been shown that having a good definition of the architecture, together with a correct parameterization and implementation of the code, is not enough in a client of these characteristics. To continue absorbing the growth of ElParking, weekly database optimization work has been necessary, reviewing possible points or aspects for improvement through our Smart4You tool.

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EN - El Parking Axazure

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