I wanted to write this news in a very personal way since I am especially excited to be able to tell in first person how important it is to have friends and contacts within the Dynamics 365 chanel.

It is well known to all that the professional network with more than 10 years experience in Spain who are dedicated to ERP business consultancy, specifically beginning with our beloved Axapta, is very very limited, that is to say, we practically all know each other. I was lucky enough to start in this world of ERP consulting as soon as I finished engineering and I have always been one of the youngest in the different circles that surrounded me at that time, a very different reality from the one I am experiencing right now when we interview new generations ūüėä.

It has been 15 years working in many clients, many projects, many partners… which, complemented with the MVP recognition, has allowed me to meet many professionals, both in Spain and abroad, with extraordinary talent not only in the ERP area, but also in other business solutions (see CRM).

The incorporation of our HR Director has allowed us to quickly attract new talent interested in Axazure, but the last two senior incorporations we have made to the ERP team, which I would like to present in this article, make me particularly happy because they formed part of my life many years ago.

Can you imagine hiring a childhood friend and the person who first taught you what you would do professionally for the rest of your life?

PWell, that’s how it has been, we had in mind starting the new line of business with Dynamics 365 Commerce and the great coincidence was being able to extend conversations with Jon Crespo, a classmate and friend of mine from 6 to 18 years old and with a professional profile that was very focused from the beginning on the Microsoft Retail world.

Jon’s words:
“It is certainly gratifying to meet old friends from other areas of life within this sector. And it is even more gratifying that a company like Axazure, at the forefront of this world, Microsoft Dynamics 365, trusts you to help them start this new line of business.

Reunions from the past become a new future for Axazure Axazure

Our second incorporation and no less important, has been Jose Luis Villajos, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in 2006 as a teacher in the Ability master’s degree and after several conversations he joins our financial team to reinforce the seniority of this group.

Reunions from the past become a new future for Axazure Axazure

Jose Luis’ words:
“It is a pleasure to become part of the Axazure family, considered in many ways to be at the forefront of the Dynamics world and which is taking consultancy to its 3.0 version”

At the moment, and despite the fact that we are going through some very complicated times on a global level, the demand for work with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform is skyrocketing in the Partners channel and at Axazure we continue to trust our growth in having the best professionals in the channel, analyzing their careers and looking for the personal fit of each one.

I would like to say goodbye and reaffirm that this market is very small, sooner or later your partner, boss, client, supplier, subcontractor or key user will coincidence with you in the not too distant future. Therefore, let us take care of personal relationships, let us be good professionals and let us not break the bridges of connection because there are not so many of us who make up this industry in which sooner or later you will have reunions from the past.

About the Author: Antonio Gilabert

Reunions from the past become a new future for Axazure Axazure

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