The massive digitalization of all business processes forces project managers to review and update the way in which we all approach solutions.

The cloud has changed not only the way software is acquired, but also the tactical and strategic vision we should use to justify project implementation with

From a tactical point of view, we can implement solutions in record time, without the need for hardware and reduced intervention by IT teams or infrastructure. From the most strategic point of view, it offers companies solutions that evolve with tons of dollars of I+D, investment, safe, always up-to-date and with constant improvements. Every month we have new functionalities and tools that force us to be updated.

Power Platform is the platform that most certainly leads the technological evolution today. This is because Microsoft not only has no dependencies on third parties, but also creates its own database, and has the most complete range of solutions from business applications to its own development tools.

The speed with which all Microsoft technologies evolve at all levels and teams, is transmitted to the rest of them, generating a vortex of innovation that spreads to all of us who use it or implement it.

The situation gains even more momentum and speed with a series of principles such as open platforms, open source, multi-vendor, and even agreements with large competitors.

Microsoft’s strategy with business solutions has been consolidated with its own strategy for new products. Solutions such as Customer Voice, Project for the Web, Project Operations, Approvals and a large part of Dynamics 365, are built on this same platform.

This last approach strengthens even more Microsoft’s commitment to Power Platform, and how Microsoft encourages its product teams to increasingly work together, to develop more and better solutions.


In this way, Technology evolves to meet the needs of the future. By 2025, 75% of workers will be “millennials”. These workers are digital natives, thinking about apps, mobility and AI naturally. The approach to technology is much closer, and therefore requires platforms that respond to this perspective.

At Axazure we have transformed and evolved to be able to focus on new projects with Power Platform, in order to offer solutions in weeks instead of months, and with the possibility of evolving it in a much more agile way. This change within our company it also requires an important change on our clients side in order to face projects in a more flexible way, trying to take advantage of the platform’s standard functionalities and optimise the implementation efforts with the elements that offer most value to the business teams.

We must start looking at how to digitize more processes, and faster. This way, we will have them ready for the next evolution, enabling businesses to take advantage of one of the most sought-after values nowadays, the adaptation to adverse situations or business resilience.

In the current times, companies with high levels of resilience are the most valued, as they have a much greater capacity to guarantee business continuity.

Power Platform undoubtedly offers a unique opportunity to help organisations evolve, and to help their continuity. The decision to trust Microsoft is certainly a solid and safe bet today.

About the Author: Demian Raschkovan

Power Platform drives Microsoft’s technological evolution Axazure

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