When I joined Axazure, they told me “everything is to be created” and I thought “that’s incredible cool as a challenge but how scary as well”. It was in that moment and still is a great challenge every day to work alongside the best Dynamics 365 Team worldwide, because above all, you must be up to it.

Each and every one of them is a personal challenge both individually and as a group, to support them, to try to take care of them, offer them professional development, a good work environment, learning opportunities, competitive packages, to get them feel valued but at the same time pushed forward and never alone to go above their own expectations. It sounds difficult and it actually is, however, it is true that they make it less difficult and especially worthwhile

People, the center of everything. Our return is certified as GPTW Axazure

We just went through a very tough year in which I personally believe it has been made clear the intentions and good work and effort of thousands of companies. Despite the important psychological impact that these past months have been for many people, they have pull in the same direction and lead the way to get here successfully and, most importantly, with teams that enjoy what they do and are happy to belong to that group of people that make up the brand.

People, the center of everything. Our return is certified as GPTW Axazure

This year we celebrate that, for the second year at Axazure, we have bee certified as an Excellent Place to Work, but not only that, we have done it for two consecutive years that have been especially complicated for the entire world, 2020 and 2021. The meaning this has for us and the massive energy boost that it supposes is enormous and encourages us to continue working in that same direction, putting people at the centre of everything.

2020 did not let us celebrate many things or at least it didn’t allow us to do it the way we like it, but after 2020 the sun rises and the 2021 spring has brought us the 10+1 event of El Rincón Dynamics, our particular Summer Welcome Event to honour the 4 fantastic people who started this exciting project 6 years ago, the renewal of the GPTW certification and among new delegations and some star signings we have so many things to continue celebrating that I can’t think of a better way to do it than to thanks the whole team of Axazure, because each celebration and each milestone we achieve, we do it as a team. All these joys belong to each person that is part of this project and together we make it possible on a daily basis so the rest of our colleagues can feel in a great place to work.

We spend around 80,000 hours at work throughout our lives and we should think about how and with whom do we want to spend all that time, because the human quality, the values and the good work as a group are determined by each person in that group. If we want to be the best we must surround ourselves with the best.

About the Author: Natalia Castelló

People, the center of everything. Our return is certified as GPTW Axazure
HR Director

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