Summer officially ended the past Tuesday the 22nd of September, although most of us have been back at work for over a month, which means we are getting dangerously close, downhill and really fast to the end of the year. These are days to start our balance year on year, but this 2020 in particular, what a balance!
Some people would say that it is a year to forget and to be ended asap, and others, myself included, that it is a year that we will undoubtedly remember forever, not only because of the pandemic and the consequent confinement but also because the world has changed in record time; The situation has forced us, yes, but we are succeeding.
We have tried to get the best out of ourselves and although there are companies, even entire sectors that are seriously affected, in general we have shown an extraordinary capacity to adapt to change, never seen before.

As the person responsible of Human Resources at Axazure, Gold Partner de Microsoft, uno de esos balances que debemos tener en cuenta, está relacionado con la consecución de capacitación oficial que Microsoft ha ido liberando durante estos meses. Nuestra misión como empresa es ser referentes en el canal Microsoft Dynamics channel and for this we have to go hand in hand with the vendor by bringing a team to the market perfectly prepared to implement the Dynamics 365 platform, both in practice (live projects) and in theory (certifications).
Regarding the first point, our live references speak for themselves, having the privilege of being able to help very well-known companies such as Instituto de Empresa, Aenor, SGS, Hawkers, Konecta, Free2Move, Grupo Planeta… About the certifications, it has been a great surprise for me to find nothing less than 48 Official Microsoft Certifications, 86 passed official exams and 2 assessments, 136 in total.
And some will say, “”so what?” in the end what is a certification?
According to some of the definitions that we can all find on the internet are:

Quality guarantee
Specialized training
Proof of commitment to product standards and continuous learning
Brand endorsement

However, we all know that a certification is not, in real life, a guarantee of success, which depends on many other variables such as experience or even attitude. What the certifications do give is a lot of confidence and exponentially increase the credibility of the professional in front of us if, in addition to the experience and the right attitude, they bring with them Official Certifications from the vendor that guarantee the person’s knowledge in the matter. We could say that it is a plus of personal brand but, in addition, particularly for those of us who are dedicated to Microsoft technology that changes exceptionally fast, it means also a professional commitment to innovation and constant professional updating.

I’ll carry on with my balance now, and it’s that I cannot be prouder of the team that we have at Axazure and of the absolute eminences that make it up, who have not only squeezed the extra-time we have spent at home this year, but have also squeezed it successfully by passing, among 28 people a staggering total of 108 official Microsoft tests only during this 2020.

The importance of having a Microsoft certified team. Axazure

Since January, 60 exams and 48 certifications that according to the Microsoft assessment system have become 25 Microsoft Certified Associate, 9 Microsoft Certified Expert y 15 Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT):

Dynamics 365 F&O
6x Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Apps Developer Associate
7x Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Finance Functional Consultant Associate
4x Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant Associate
7x Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Apps Solution Architect Expert
10x Microsoft Certified Trainer
1x Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate

Dynamics 365 CE y Power Platform
3x Microsoft Certified: Power Apps + Dynamics 365 Developer Associate
3x Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate
1x Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant Associate
2x Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 + Power Platform Solution Architect Expert
5x Microsoft Certified Trainer

At Axazure we believe that we have a first class team that not only has experience and an exceptional attitude, but they do not stop training, updating, preparing themselves to compete with the best and collaborating with each other seeking synergies that add value to the team as a whole, to the project they are working on and to the entire company.

We know that our professionals have gotten where they are now because of who they are and how they work, not because of the number of certifications they have, but we must admit that they help in the process. These types of certifications improve self-confidence, increase personal satisfaction, promote continuous training and objectify knowledge. In the same way, the company that can enjoy and be proud of having certified professionals also increases the satisfaction of its teams and their motivation, improves the retention and talent management, the quality of the service, the ROI in training, the employer branding and its recognition both internal and external.

I remember the number of times that, speaking with clients and other professionals, I have heard how technology is blamed for not meeting expectations, that it works badly or that it does not work at all, and in most cases it goes down to a bad implementation, a deficient requirements gathering or a worse training in the use of the platform. The solution is to choose the right professionals who generate top confidence in their abilities to maximize the chances of success.

Digitalisation is the present, but it is us, the people, who are the protagonists of inspiring technology, developing technology and leading technology.

About the Author: Natalia Castelló

The importance of having a Microsoft certified team. Axazure
HR Director

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