Microsoft recently announced that the product Dynamics 365 Human Resources (hereinafter Dyn365HR), was again part (as it was in its origin) of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM (hereinafter Dyn365FnO), news that has been received with very good acceptance by both customers and partners. This announcement once again allows implementers to have greater flexibility in terms of the customizations required by HR departments.

As we shared in previous lines, fortunately the announcement of the migration of the Dyn365HR infrastructure is one of the most favorable in terms of product roadmap so far and materialises the maturity of the product. It represents a new level of potential, as it allows us to think of complete and relatively simple implementations for customers who already have Dyn365FnO in place or who are looking for a technology platform that supports their core processes, and in turn the main asset of their company: people.

Dynamics 365 HR, our new corporate bet for 2021 - 2022 Axazure

The scenario is optimal for designing a technology strategy that is aligned with the current demand for digital transformation, which accompanies and supports the agility that the business requires. Due to the merging of infrastructure, the opportunities for growth are exponential in companies that have chosen Dynamics 365, and that today seek to manage their workforce. Moving forward in the implementation of a platform such as Dyn365HR means investing in a solvent solution that will understand employee lifecycle and that is possible to extend hand in hand with Power Platform, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva and third-party solutions.

Dynamics 365 HR, our new corporate bet for 2021 - 2022 Axazure

Experience shows us that there are cross-cutting challenges in any Human Resources department, the technical and functional particularities of Dynamics 365 Human Resources are presented as one of the strongest and most complete to overcome them in an environment already known to most of us. Companies that choose to implement this platform have modules that not only focus on operational management, but also on strategic management. This means that HR areas are managing the day-to-day, thinking about the big picture of the company, understanding the purpose of the tasks they are executing and their impact.

Although it will depend on the needs of the client, it is certain that some workspaces are established as fundamental classics and are protagonists, Personnel Administration, Self-Management – for Leaders and Collaborators, Leaves and Absences, Benefits, constituting a solution that has workspacestoday dedicated entirely to the workforce. To the classic Dyn365HR workspaces will be added the features that originally constituted Dyn365FnO and that add value in terms of operational management, mainly linked to time and attendance, expense reporting, time clocking, among others.

Leaders, employees, and HR staff will be able to centralize their information, data, leave balances, time reporting, travel expenses, performance appraisal, compensation in a single platform that is always available and on almost any device.

In all organizations there are particularities, and although Dyn365HR is a generalist solution that aims to cover as many realities as possible, it may be necessary to think about customizing the experience even more. Latest news allows us to think about a new paradigm that until now was not feasible, today – thanks to the merging of infrastructure – we can imagine and execute developments within the platform. It is a turning point in the evolution of the product, as it will allow not only to enhance it but also to adapt it to the particular demands of each client. It is important to study each situation, as depending on the it, development or extensibility through alternative platforms within the Microsoft world or from third parties can be chosen.

Microsoft’s commitment – and we echo it – is to deliver an optimal experience to the employee, and as is already known, Power Platform represents one of the strong points to fulfill it. Thinking about the use of applications (Power Apps), automations (Power Automate), dashboards (Power BI) and/or chatbots (Power Virtual Agents) will facilitate this objective. Another strong point is Microsoft Viva, as a revelation solution in terms of employee experience and engagement, which will be a great ally that through its four streams will complete the picture by providing tools to democratize knowledge (Viva Topics), communicate and create culture (Viva Connections), manage courses, and improve the skills of employees (Viva Learning), and finally, care for and monitor the well-being of teams (Viva Insights). Integration is not limited to the Microsoft environment, but we can also think of third-party solutions that solve challenges such as payroll management or applicant tracking. All in the same working ecosystem, seeking to reduce technical complexity to deliver a platform that adds real value.

Axazure, as specialists in Dynamics 365 platform, could not miss the opportunity to start this practice in a pioneering way and for this we have hired an exceptional MVP leader in this technology:

“The combination of living in a new country and generating a business vertical almost from the beginning represents one of the most interesting professional challenges of my career. It is a pleasure to collaborate with a company like Axazure, committed to the goal of transforming the experience of its customers by delivering much more than technological solutions, in this case betting on Dynamics 365 Human Resources and its best practices”. – Ana Inés Urrutia, Dyn365HR Lead

“We have wanted to perfect this new practice for some time but it has not been so easy due to the lack of existing knowledge and the maturity of the product. It is a source of pride and also a great fortune, that profiles as recognised as Ana want to bet on continuing to fly with you”. – Antonio Gilabert. CEO

About the Author: Equipo Axazure

Dynamics 365 HR, our new corporate bet for 2021 - 2022 Axazure

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