EN - Perfil Consultor Técnico CRM Axazure

Technical Consultant

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Technical careers with programming:

Computing, telecommunications, robotics, electronics, (FP/ vocational training) senior technician in cross-platform app development

Technical Skills:

Programming with .netcore, .netstandard
C#, C++
HTML (Jquery, React, Bootstrap), Javascript (TypeScript better)
Azure DevOps: CI/CD, gestión de tareas
SQL Server tools (SSRS-SSAS)
development in Azure (logic apps, azure functions, app services, etc.)

General Skills

Customer service
Critical thinking
Emotional intelligence
Active listening

A day in the life of a
D365CE Technical Consultant

EN - Perfil Consultor Técnico CRM Axazure


The first thing you do while preparing your favorite infusion (mate) is to make a joke to your teammate. Then you check the emails and the current tasks on the sprint.

EN - Perfil Consultor Técnico CRM Axazure


You meet with your Project Leader or task manager and plan the tasks for the day. You prepare your environment to work concentrated and organised (DevOps). Leave yourself a place for creativity and to implement it.

EN - Perfil Consultor Técnico CRM Axazure


You implement your solution in Azure connected against the D365CE environment, make a pull request to leave everything tidy and change the status of your task. Then you can discuss a possible solution with your teammate or help him/her with a support case.

EN - Perfil Consultor Técnico CRM Axazure


Chat with the rest of the team to discuss progress of your tasks with the client and tell a joke to say goodbye and go home with joy.

EN - Perfil Consultor Técnico CRM Axazure

“From a very young age I had a very clear idea of what I’m passionate about, volleyball, IT and law. Completely by chance, my first job back in Argentina was as functional analyst of a tailored-made customer relationship management tool.

After that, and already in Spain, I started working with CRM 3.0 from Microsoft, making customisations related to the development of web services, web pages, etc. From there onwards I gained a lot of experience with migrations, integrations with other tools and even a little architecture definition.

Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365CE now has, in my opinion, a brilliant mix between standard functionality and integration capacity to get an almost endless learning curve.”

Fernando Bo

D365CE Technical Consultant

If you want to know more or start your training as a D365CE Technical Consultant, visit the courses in the e-learning section of the
El Rincón Dynamics.

EN - Perfil Consultor Técnico CRM Axazure

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