EN - Perfil Consultor Funcional CRM Axazure

Functional Consultant

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Modules to work with by D365CE functional consultant:

Sales, Customer service, Marketing, Field service

Most common degrees for a D365CE functional consultant:

Commerce and Sales, Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc.

General Skills

Customer service
Critical thinking
Emotional intelligence
Active listening

A day in the life of the
D365CE functional consultant.

EN - Perfil Consultor Funcional CRM Axazure


You crack on the day checking your emails , answer some clients explaining how to do what they need and then take 5 minutes to decide if there is anything more urgent than the urgent task you were with yesterday.

EN - Perfil Consultor Funcional CRM Axazure


After yesterday’s meeting with a potential client, you have to estimate how much effort it will take to do what you need to do for them. You have to do a lot of thinking to get the optimal solution before you even start developing the idea.

EN - Perfil Consultor Funcional CRM Axazure


While you design the application that a client needs and implement the automatisms that will facilitate the work of their employees, there is always a colleague who has some doubts about how to approach a topic, together, helping each other, everyone can see things a bit easier.

EN - Perfil Consultor Funcional CRM Axazure


You check that the demo that you have to present tomorrow to a potential client continues to work and you give the finishing touches to the ppt. Always go to the meetings well prepared! ;-)

EN - Perfil Consultor Funcional CRM Axazure

“I just got into the consultancy world by chance, but the relationship with the client and the professional projection that I saw with Dynamics encouraged me to continue learning and training focused in this path where I see my professional future.”

Silvia Moreno

D365CE Functional Consultant

If you want to know more or start your training as a D365CE Functional Consultant, visit the courses on the e-learning section of the
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EN - Perfil Consultor Funcional CRM Axazure

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