Brand Identity in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

In the era of e-mail marketing and social media, the complete branding, the promotion of our colors as a brand, is essential for many corporations to maintain coherence and linearity at the level of design with the communication media of our entities to the outside world.

Docentric Axazure

In today’s world, immediate identification through the brand image present in our communications and business documents cannot be relegated to the background.

The need and your brand identity solution in Dynamics 365 F&O

In spite of being involved in the days of instant impact, of personalization towards our target public, customers, collaborators, etc., currently there are still certain limitations when combining the complex management of our organization through ERP’s and corporate image and document distribution to third parties

At AXAZURE we are working to provide a seamless and constantly evolving solution to ensure that Dynamics 365 F&O meets our customers’ expectations in terms of integration and friendly-using to ensure that our audiences receive our communications in the expected form, time and conditions.

Our business documentations such as quotations, orders, invoices, statements and other communications, as a result of our business relationships with our customers and their specific requirements, cannot be overlooked and fall by the wayside in terms of maintaining our identity and personality for our third parties.

Docentric Axazure

What can we obtain with Docentric AX and Dynamics 365 F&O?


Docentric AX fulfills all expectations in terms of complete integration with D365FO and some of its most outstanding features are:

Ease of use and control of communications. E-mails where you can decide at any time who receives what, how and when. One of the most outstanding points in this sense is the possibility of implementing e-mails with high branding and personalization:

Possibility of attaching additional documentation in a simple and effective way (technical data sheets or product characteristics contained in the commercial documentation sent), terms and conditions, customer/supplier certificates, etc., and all this by defining simple filters in the configuration of the mailings.

Error control through forwarding to other print outputs such as physical printers, control mail addresses or files that help to identify errors that may occur in the process of sending e-mails.

Use of snippets and e-mail templates that will allow the customization of our communications according to the different characteristics of this communications or of our destinations, which saves a lot of time by using the storage for these formats.

Possibility of using different print destinations through the Original/Copy standard. At the same time that our documents are sent by mail, they could be stored in different repositories such as Sharepoint, Azure, attachments or file system.

Possibility to configure additional sender email addresses that allow our users to send ” in the name of ” (for example: standardized communications sent from departmental addresses or even use of gmail email accounts).

BCC field enabled as standard.

Enhancements to the batch email distributor to provide detailed information on what is happening with our mailings.

With the extended e-mail features we can easily control what, when and how information is sent to our mailing destinations.

Other important features that can be managed quickly and intuitively thanks to Docentric AX are:

  • Personalization and restriction of printers depending on the type of users or departments that must use them
  • Possibility of setting favorite printers
  • Customized fonts. In addition to the use of standard Dynamics 365 F&O fonts, we have the possibility of using our own fonts in order to maintain our brand image
  • Data entities and export tools that allow us to easily replicate our configurations in different environments
  • Possibility of configuring passwords for the encryption of PDF documents that are sent or issued
  • Digital signature for PDF documents with the possibility of customize the signature appearance

  • Ability to configure and enable different certificates, both resident in Azure, Key Vault or the database itself
  • Possibility to set the characteristics, tags and information of the issued PDF files


In addition to all of the above, Docentric will allow our developers to dedicate themselves exclusively to their area: coding, since the design is completely detached from the data sources, it will no longer be our developers who have to spend a great deal of time replicating the document design, drastically reducing document implementation times.

In line with the previous, those key users who are dedicated to design through the simple use of Word, will be able to upload the documents templates created in D365FO to have the appropriate documents issued immediately, without requiring any additional action and only by performing the same action that would be executed when attaching documents to the environment.
Furthermore, and for those organizations that require it, there is the ability to use a different way for the generation of data sources of their documents through the GER or electronic documents. This will enable the use of Electronic Reporting as a data source for the templates creation, which moves the development of reports to the “front end” and allows the implementation to be carried out without the need for complex technical actions, immediately and without the need for additional uploads.

Docentric Axazure

Docentric AX is constantly improving, so that every day it increases its coverage of the most demanding needs of its user community. With an excellent repository of information and training available at all times, the learning curve for complete control of the tool is drastically reduced, making this solution one of the most widely chosen today for the management and implementation of business documentation.

Get more detailed and extended information by browsing the list of available features or if you prefer you can contact us ;)


Docentric Axazure

Nohemi Airòs
Microsoft D365 F&O  Functional Consultant