Little by little we are coming back, recovering moments together, sharing experiences and… knowledge.

At Araure we believe that growth has to be for everyone. For this reason, continuous training and understanding of all the different aspects of this deck of cards that is consultancy and the Dynamics365 world, we are sure that it helps to create more empathetic professionals, both with clients and with the rest of the team, giving each one of us the opportunity to experience extraordinary personal and professional growth.

Do you want pizza? Axazure

We have our own FFriday Power Pizza training sessions, in which a colleague who is an expert in a topic of interest shares it with the rest of the team.
The consultant does not only live by technical cases, in these days you can find from:

+ Writing tips
+ Public Speaking
+ How to record yourself for an online training or event
+ Success stories
+ Start-up experiences

Of course, not forgetting the more team-specific topics for internal development.

It had been a long time since we had been able to share this knowledge and the networking accompanied by pizzas, which we took advantage of to eat afterwards, was not going to be the only name for #posturing, don’t you think?

Do you want pizza? Axazure

With the arrival of our colleague Ana Inés Urrutia we shared the day of 17/09 in which she showed us the benefits and the start of the Dynamics 365 Human Resources tool and all the potential it has, both for our human resources team and for workers with the new features of the employee portal.

On 24/09 we shared the training with our colleague and CRM expert Fernando Bo, who explained a success story: a powerful solution that we implemented in a client to analyse, process and display data.

Do you want pizza? Axazure
Do you want pizza? Axazure

The pizzas are a great incentive, but many of us still telecommute or do a hybrid model to maintain security measures, and in our case the “blacksmith’s fork in the road” is a no-no, Teams allows us to continue sharing wherever we are.

This is something we love to share, and if it is accompanied by pizza, I don’t know about you, but I can’t see a better way to end a Friday.

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Do you want pizza? Axazure

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