Axazure was born five years ago with two people, full of energy and big dreams for a product little known in Spain and with great competitors.

Many hours of work and effort paid off, a great professional team and good foundations for the community.

And in this brief summary, which is missing many details, I am going to focus on a very specific one that is sometimes invisible to technology consulting firms: The brand or the Brand.

“Our brand goes beyond a logo, that would be to stay in a very superficial layer.”

The reality is that the brand is in everything we do and it is like a plant for us, if we take care of it and water it, it will grow beautiful and strong.
Brand culture is something that has been taken care of from the beginning at Axazure and the time has come to continue growing our plant. We have come to play.

You play, you win Axazure

Brand Restyle:New color palettes, storytelling and corporate image
New website: New fresh and modern design
Webinars and Events: We are community
More social media content

All this, added to our master recipe, is one of our bets for this 2021.
The world is constantly changing and the way we communicate and relate too.
Whether you’re a job seeker, or a client who needs a service provider, one of the first things you’ll do is look up information about the company in question on the internet, right?
And therein lies the crux of the matter, transmitting our value, credibility and uniqueness.
transmitir nuestro valor, credibilidad y singularidad.
This is an investment.

From the Marketing team we have the challenge to continue being a benchmark within technology consulting, transmitting the spirit of Axazure in every detail.
We want our team and clients to carry us to their hearts (no matter how cheesy it sounds) because… is there something that generates more loyalty than a talented team and that feels part of your brand?

The beauty of stories is feeling part of them. For this reason, you have to narrate them well.

About the Author: Equipo Axazure

You play, you win Axazure

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