In a context in which attracting and retaining talent in the technology sector is becoming increasingly complex, HR departments spend a lot of time thinking, creating, implementing and developing policies aimed at employer branding and team loyalty.

What is it that can make us different? What do professionals value today?

Let’s start innovating on the traditional dynamics based on the fact that everyone wants things like health insurance, restaurant tickets and parking space. We are falling behind.
As the role of work is changing faster and faster, digitalisation is becoming more and more evident in all sectors of the economy, new jobs are being created that didn’t exist a few years ago, the company-worker relationship is being redefined, the way we used to work is being turned upside down and organisations are increasingly decentralised, it is time to think much further ahead.

How about thinking about purpose?

In Axazure we believe that every person and every organisation has the commitment to give back to society part of what we receive from it. That is why, in addition to taking care of our teams with endless incentives and of our customers by offering them the best Dynamics 365 and Power Platform implementation service, we invest part of our time and resources in supporting Corporate Social Responsibility actions that not only have a positive impact on our surroundings but also on ourselves, on the values we promote and on the professionals who will want to be part of this project in the future.

A study conducted by HAYS in 2021 shows that 81% of employers in Spain believe that CSR policies are an important factor in attracting talent and 30% say they are essential.
At the same time, 27% of the youngest part of the current workforce, Millenials and Generation Z, state that they always take into account the company’s CSR policies when considering a new job and 42% sometimes do so, as opposed to older generations who traditionally have not taken these types of policies into account or have done so very little. These figures are growing year on year and it is very positive that they do so because it shows interest and empathy towards the impact we can have on others as a society, our environment, future generations, other developing societies, etc. and these are the kind of professionals and quality of leaders that all organisations would like to have at the helm.

This reflection has led us this year to launch a survey on CSR initiatives so that our team could give us their opinion on the actions we are currently carrying out or could make suggestions on others that they would like us to support. And all of them framed and aligned with the Microsoft Partner Pledge to which Axazure has adhered in 2021 and which is a commitment from Microsoft and the Partner channel with the aim of collaborating and helping our economy and society in general to prosper in a sustainable and responsible way, structured in four pillars:

Initiatives to promote the sustainability of our environment.
Action taken: Raising awareness of the importance of recycling.

Initiatives to promote the development and ethical and responsible use of technology.
Action undertaken: Support Unicef in sending water pumps to developing countries to provide drinking water and sachets of therapeutic food.

Initiatives that help in the adoption of Digital Skills.
Actions carried out: Free opening of the e-learning platform El Rincón Dynamics during the pandemic, Follow friday ERD, participation as instructors in the Crea Futuro initiative.

Initiatives that support Diversity and Inclusion.
Actions carried out: Support and dissemination of Geicam breast cancer research, sponsor of talks to raise awareness of female talent in technology(W4TT, ERD 10+1), Support and dissemination of Kif- kif , Migrations and LGTBI refuge, Movember

These are just a few examples that we will carry out throughout 2021 and that in 2022 we will accompany with specific actions that we have drawn from the suggestions of the entire Axazure team to continue day by day aligning our values as an organisation with those of each of the professionals who make us who we are:

– Support for vaccination campaigns in the third world,
– Protection of animals and endangered species
– Tree planting and forest recovery

We want to provoke a hurricane of positive externalities that improve our environment and do our bit to leave a better world for future generations and better, more environmentally aware and respectful generations for our world.

About the Author: Natalia Castelló

The importance of having a CSR plan Axazure
HR Director

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