One more year at Axazure we keep our educational commitment with Microsoft through the initiative Alumno 4.0, not only with the implication of our own Board of Directors together with other members of the teams as high expertise trainers in D365O but also hiring two people with incredible potential:

Welcome Juan Carlos Collado and Amador Torrente to our rebel spaceship.

At Axazure we have always supported the creation of new lifeblood and worked to add value to the channel training and mentoring the professionals of the future where technology, specialisation and excellence have more relevance every day in a very competitive niche market like Microsoft Dynamics. That is why this is our third year participating and collaborating with the educational program promoted by Microsoft and ESIC to facilitate Partners the training and hiring of new talent.

Technology sector is, or actually it remains to be for almost a decade now, one of the professional sectors with more projection for the coming years and the coronavirus crisis has done nothing else but emphasise it. The IT profiles have become key during the pandemic positioning themselves as the most demanded profiles in the market. Altogether with the already obvious need of digitalisation of our companies encourages us more than ever to actively participate in initiatives like Alumno 4.0 that will help us to generate the talent for our future teams.

This 2020 almost 40 people has been trained by this program which barely a couple of weeks from the start it had to be moved to online mode in record time due to the lockdown. It meant a big effort from students and trainers, and from Axazure we would like to THANKS EVERYONE for the work done, the follow up and successfully carry out a new edition of this course.

“I got to know Axazure through the Microsoft program in collaboration with ESIC “Alumno 4.0”. I had the opportunity to listen at the opening act to Antonio, Demian, Hugo and some students from previous years of the same program who are currently part of Axazure. It was almost love at first sight and from the very first moment I was seduced by the possibility of being part of that young and dynamics team with so much expertise. I have only just joined and I already know that I am in a great place to learn and help with a really interesting projects.

New Lifeboold Alumno 4.0 Axazure

Amador E. Torrente

New Lifeboold Alumno 4.0 Axazure

Juan Carlos Collado

The best chance to continue with my training and my personal and professional development was undoubtedly Axazure, that is why it was so easy for me to decide after speaking with Antonio and Clara. The personal value that exists in any Axazure team and all the trust they place in their employees is what attracted me the most. Being surrounded by the best D365 professionals in the country is a unique motivation.” 

As Microsoft Partner we are aware of the lack of professionals within the Business Application ecosystem and we think that is completely vital the continuous creation of new talent to carry on offering our clients the best possible service.

Special THANKS to our new colleagues, Juan Carlos and Amador, for choosing Axazure as their company and also as a welcome door to this competitive and demanding world of IT consultancy. We are incredibly proud that two professionals with so much willingness to learn and positive attitude are now part of the team.

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New Lifeboold Alumno 4.0 Axazure

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