Do you know iCIMS? Their cloud-based recruitment software designed specifically for companies and large employers integrated with Dynamics 365 Human Resources will take the HR and employee experience to the next level.

This will allow us to offer solutions that address the full lifecycle of employees and improve the initial stages of onboarding through simple but powerful tools that ensure an excellent employee experience and therefore impact employee engagement and retention.

New Alliance: iCIMS - Axazure Axazure
New Alliance: iCIMS - Axazure Axazure
New Alliance: iCIMS - Axazure Axazure

iCIMS has several solutions, which elevate the recruitment and hiring experience. The interesting thing is that this experience is not only HR-centered, but also focuses on candidates and employees. This solutions integrated in Dynamics 365 Human Resources will give us the opportunity to offer our customers:

+ Applicant tracking system
Find, manage and recruit candidates with AI and advanced analytics

+ Career sites
Attract the right candidates and match them directly with real projects based on their skills and potential.

+ Candidate Relationship Management
Streamline the approach to candidate engagement, creating a strong talent pipeline.

+ Employee onboardin
Help new employees get up and running faster with portals that make it easier to collect forms online and track their progress.

+ Opportunity marketplace
Improve employee experience, talent retention and offer opportunities openly to candidates or prospects.

Depending on the phase of the process, iCIMS offers the appropriate tools, for example for attraction processes, solutions such as job portals, interaction with messages or video communication. These are not the only alternatives, as it offers others, applicant tracking system, offer management, onboarding guides, digital assistant and dynamic candidate profile, among others already named. The ultimate mission is to make the beginning of the relationship between employee and company extraordinary, and we can assure that in this alliance we will achieve it with great success.

This partnership establishes itself as an excellent alternative for both customers who have used an applicant tracking system, but wish to elevate the experience, and for those who have managed these processes in a traditional way and understand that it is time to start being part of the technological revolution.

Tanto Dynamics 365 Human Resources como LinkedIn (a través del conector Recruiter System), conversan con iCIMS, lo que permite – como comentábamos al inicio – ofrecer una solución que sea atractiva desde el comienzo para colaboradores y que le haga la vida sencilla a Recursos Humanos. Esto significa que contaremos con una solución que cubre el employee journey completamente.

Both Dynamics 365 Human Resources and LinkedIn (via the Recruiter System connector), talk to iCIMS, which allows us – as we said at the beginning – to offer a solution that is attractive from the start for employees and makes life easy for HR. This means that we will have a solution that covers the entire employee journey.

*Did you know that an excellent recruitment and hiring experience can retain 69% of employees for at least three years?

If you have any doubts about how to incorporate these solutions to your company, or simply want to meet us and talk about platforms for Human Resources, we invite you to leave us your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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    New Alliance: iCIMS - Axazure Axazure
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