September is that month that some people hate because holidays are over and other people love because they go back to their routine, reconnect with colleagues and everything is reactivated. It seems that, as in spring everything blooms, in September economic activity wakes up again and we prepare to run up and play hard in the last quarter of the year.

In this case the last quarter of a very complicated year for everyone, that despite everything we have been through we still see with positivity. Today, ourCEO Antonio Gilabert,has posted a photo in Instagram with the title

“The joy of seeing a traffic jam. Madrid moves. Don’t let them stop us.”

And with that spirit we want to welcome to our rebel spaceshipPablo Cortéswho joins theD365CE & Power Platform team this month as Senior Technical Consultant. THANK YOU Pablo for choosing us as your second home and next step in your professional careeR.

“Axazure is a company with very talented professionals from who I can keep learning every day. When I’ve got the opportunity to join the team, I didn’t even hesitate for a minute. After a few days in the company, I realised that I took the right decision. This is the perfect place to keep facing challenges”

Lots of energy and more talent Axazure

Pablo Cortés

At Axazure we continue to work hard not only to provide the best service to our customers but to be the best company we can be for our workers and for both things to happen we need to have in our teams top people and top professionals.

We continue to grow.Don’t let them stop us 😊

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Lots of energy and more talent Axazure

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