EN - Perfil Consultor Técnico ERP Axazure

Technical Consultant

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Technical careers with programming:

Computing, telecommunications, robotics, electronics, (FP/ vocational training) senior technician in cross-platform app development

Capacidades Técnicas:

X++ programming; Azure DevOps: CI/CD, taks management; SQL Server; .Net development; Azure Stack (Functions, Logic Apps, AAD, Key vaults…)

General Skills

Customer service
Critical thinking
Emotional intelligence
Active listening

A day in the life of a
D365FO technical consultant

EN - Perfil Consultor Técnico ERP Axazure


While you prepare a good coffee, you check the inbox and take a look at social networks to verify that you have not missed any news on the other side of the ocean. Program managers tweet while sleep ;-)

EN - Perfil Consultor Técnico ERP Axazure


You attend the daily with your team to plan the day, share the work done the day before and what you’re going to do today. You can comment the problems you may have and help your colleagues to solve theirs.
Probably you’ll have to participate in a meeting to be able to design a solution or define the architecture of the integrations that must be carried out in the project you are on.

EN - Perfil Consultor Técnico ERP Axazure


While you’re focused on getting the job done, you’ll have to review a support case for one of our active clients or spend some time doing Pair-programming to get a robust solution together with your teammate, the team comes first!

EN - Perfil Consultor Técnico ERP Axazure


Finishing the work day, you will only have three things left to do: double-check all the developed code is in the repository, that the continuous integrations builds are OK and to post the hours dedicated to each task in our own ERP.

EN - Perfil Consultor Técnico ERP Axazure

“Since I was a child I have always liked numbers, and the first time I held a computer in my hands I decided that I had to study computer engineering.

When I was finishing my degree I was offered the chance to start working in consulting, although at first I had doubts, today I don’t regret it at all, as I love my job.”

Uxue Otaegui

Technical Consultant D365FO

If you want to know more or start your training as a D365FO Technical Consultant, visit the courses in the e-learning section of the
El Rincón Dynamics.

EN - Perfil Consultor Técnico ERP Axazure

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