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D365 Omnichannel implementation at Wizink

EN _ Wizink Axazure

The Challenge

WiZink is a digital bank that boosts people’s financial potential through different financial solutions that allow consumers in Spain and Portugal to advance and progress.

WiZink is aware that it is necessary to create sustainable financial patterns because progress is not only achieved by accessing credit, but also when this credit is offered in a responsible and realistic way. For this reason, it offers a wide range of personalised, simple and transparent financing solutions.

Its model of interaction with its customers is mainly through mobile phones, in order to be the leader in consumer finance in the Iberian Peninsula. This is the only way to get the most out of money and to ensure that people can take advantage of all opportunities..

The Journey

The focus of the project was based on taking advantage of all the standard functionalities offered by the platform, but also enabling new communication channels with its customers. In this first phase, the idea was to include the WhatsApp messaging communication channel. In addition, the aim was to boost customer self-service by incorporating automatic Bots.

The methodology used in the implementation project of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Omnichannel with Power Virtual Agents, has been an agile methodology, which has allowed in a few weeks to put the solution into production and can be used by end users.

EN _ Wizink Axazure
EN _ Wizink Axazure

The Arrival

After implementing the solution, users have improved the management of customer interactions, as well as including the WhatsApp messaging channel.

Additionally, customers can have some of their queries answered in an automated way, with automatic Bots that learn in real time with artificial intelligence, and are available to customers 24×7, 365 days a year. If necessary or requested by the customer, the Bot can assign a Contact Centre agent to attend to their request through the same WhatsApp channel.


Dynamics 365 Omnichannel for Customer Service allows for simple, centralised and fast management of all customer service in a Contact Centre.
In this case it has additionally been achieved on the one hand to increase customer satisfaction in the attention, and on the other hand optimize the work of agents by reducing attentions, and streamlining them.
Taking advantage of the standard functionalities offered by the platform will also allow Bot to evolve to attend to more types of customer requests, or even incorporate new communication channels in addition to WhatsApp.

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