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  • Published: 14/07/2016
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Thomas Bonde Ejby


SMART4YOU - Introduction

Often we find customers whose AX 2012 deployments have performance issues difficult to solve, for this reason, we count on one of the best resources for infrastructure and performance in the world, the MVP Thomas Bonde, troubleshooting expert on AX 2012 performance:

"As you probably know by now my name is Thomas, I am from Denmark and I am a Dynamics AX MVP.

I have been working with Dynamics AX since the first version came out in 1998, and the thing that I'm going to present you here, today, and together with my friends from AXAZURE, it is a tool pack that we have created, that actually hopefully will help you in a lot of varied ways.

Basically what I have been doing is capturing the work, the tools and the scripts that I have been using for many years, in order for me to automate and simplify my deployment processes, my performance optimization processes and varied other technical stuff.

One of the things that we want to offer you here are some of these tools for free. It is obvious that some of these things are not really "magic work”, it is simply just collecting stuff together. And this kind of package (Smart4You) is a whole series of services and tools that we will offer for you to be able to participate in and use in your implementations.

So I hope would you enjoy watching Dynamics AX Runbook, it is an automatic PowerShell script for deployment and maintaining of your application.

I hope would you enjoy Dynamics AX AOS Service Check that actually keeps your AOS running and monitored.

I hope would you enjoy Dynamics AX Passive Monitor, it is a set of reports but actually it will show a lot of information, you can called application monitoring.

And I hope would you enjoy the Active Monitor where you actually see directly what is going on in your system.

I also know that these things are obviously something that can be purchased and done by a lot of other systems. But the way we want to go with this product, or this tool pack, is the freeware way, so that you, as a customer, more easily can get in to helping yourself managing your Dynamics AX."


  1. P04.01. - SMART4YOU - Dynamics AX RUNBOOK
  2. P04.02. - SMART4YOU - Dynamics AX AOS SERVICE CHECK
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